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Let’s Get Fizzacle!! Straight Bubbles

Prosecco Frothers

How bout bringing a little house mix to the party? Try our explosive Prosecco-based frothers, which change according to the season and menu.


Small Bites

A selection of herbs and vegetables used in our dishes are sourced from our organic garden partnership with Pinecrest Elementary School

Large Bites


Wine by the Glass

taste 3oz :: glass 6oz :: bottle

Bianco, That’s White To You Gringo…

What’s that Tingle? White wines with high
acid that make you salivate for more!

Aww, You Brought Flowers & Perfume…

Wonderfully fragrant wines that pack a bouquet

Large And In Charge…

Luscious fuller bodied whites

Missing My Sweety Pie…

Whites with a little sweetness, but incredibly balanced

Roses Are Red, Or Pink…

Rosso, Red Wine, Make You Feel So Fine…

Feeling a little dirty? Wines oozing earth appeal

Sleek And Firm, We Saw You Lookin’!…

Seamless well put together wines

Plus Sized Wines, Full Bodied…

If you’re into that kind of thing

Wines by the glass, from the Coravin…

Cora Who? Is that the lady from Iron Chef?
Ummmnn, no, but close. Coravin is a system designed to allow us to remove wine from a bottle without removing the cork. A needle penetrates the bottle without affecting the cork or allowing air into the bottle, thus preserving the wine. This allows us to offer you some amazing wines by the glass without uncorking the bottle! In short, some uber smart engineering dude had no life, so when he drinks wine he thinks about geek squad stuff.

Please check the blackboard behind the bar or ask your incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and service-oriented wine geek (server) for today’s Coravin selections.

Wine by the Bottle

Straws and brown paper bags provided on request


But nothing to do with Michael Jackson’s monkey

Wacky Juice That Probably Only I Will Drink

Wine geek fav’s, that are a wee bit different, in a good way

You Zesty Thing!…

Super fresh juice…crisp with high acidity

But I Only Drink Chardonnay…

Believe it or not, white wines can be full bodied and rich and not be chardonnay, it’s true.

The Heavyweight Division…

Wines that are full bodied or extremely age-able and not scared to chew on your ear or face

Light and Sassy…

Like a pillow fight in a strawberry field… we don’t know what that means either?

Anatomically & Aromatically Correct Wine

Medium to full body, these wines are fleshy, sturdy and most of all smell invigorating