Uvaggio Garden

Uvaggio Herb and Vegetable Garden at Pinecrest Elementary
Heath started thinking about this project before Uvaggio even opened. There was no particular school in mind, but Heath and Craig knew they wanted to accomplish a handful of goals, including getting involved in the community and starting a partnership with a school. They wanted to start educating and conversing with kids at a younger age. Better to start the building block concept of thinking local, organic and healthy as a child in elementary school as opposed to high school where bad habits have already been formed.

Uvaggio and Pinecrest Elementary formed a bond. There are a series of 5 small gardens on the school grounds that staff from Uvaggio visit every week or two. The kids actually plant the garden and help with upkeep under the supervision of their teachers and a few parent volunteers.

Uvaggio uses the herbs and vegetables in many dishes, but really highlight them in the seasonal salad which uses the greens as a base and then highlighted with tomatoes, herbs and other local fruits. In addition, the mint is used in Uvaggio’s cauliflower dish, thyme in the gnocchi, parsley and other herbs to finish off most dishes.

As the garden keeps developing, more and more vegetables will be planted and used. Soon Uvaggio will have squash, eggplant, cauliflower, beets and radish, etc, as well.

This teaching opportunity also allows Uvaggio to focus the kids and parents on the thought that wine and food and wine bars are not a negative connotation but something that can be enjoyed and elevate food in a healthy, convivial, and positive light.

Check out updates on the garden through our instagram.