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Samsara: Rustic Grace

(Post number 2 of our Wine Tour through California. For a little more information, or to read from the start of our journey, see our blog post about Melville Winery.)

After a ridiculously great lunch in the vineyard with Chad and more Melville juice we followed Chad to his own little piece of heaven … READ MORE

First Wine Tour Stop: Melville Winery

“So you mean you travel to these wineries, taste from the barrels with the guys who make the wines, eat with the owners and get up the next day and do it all over again?” came the gushing question in the middle of my regular Saturday afternoon wine tastings at Uvaggio wine bar. “Well yeah, … READ MORE

Having a drink with Tweety Bird at Uvaggio, Coral Gables Wine Bar

So do you ever find yourself craving something to drink that smells like burnt carcass, white pepper and roasted beets? A drink that wreaks of bloody protein and cranberry skin mixed with the aroma of hot springs sans the sulphur. Something that you know would quench your thirst and work as well with rabbit as … READ MORE

There’s bubbles at Uvaggio Coral Gables Wine Bar

It all started with the Beatles at Uvaggio Coral Gables Wine Bar, because we know, “Love is all you need”. Mostly, but then there’s bubbles!

Who doesn’t love something? Seriously, how many people in your life would you not know if it wasn’t for a common bond over a love for something? Think about it, … READ MORE

New to the menu at Uvaggio Wine Bar Coral Gables

New to the menu at Uvaggio Wine Bar Coral Gables, right here 70 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, Florida. Fresh locally sourced Wahoo crudo, thin sliced and served with a sauce of passion fruit and Satsuma’s. Topped off with pickled ginger, fresh cucumber, Hawaiian pink sea salt and apricots plumped with Viognier wine. Sounds delicious, it … READ MORE

Uvaggio Wine Bar Coral Gables, soon, very soon….

Who’s fired up to drink some kick ass juice and gorge some awesome grub????? Hell yeah, me too. It’s been months of getting to this point but we are about to get the doors open at Uvaggio Wine Bar Coral Gables. Uvaggio, as you will know it, has morphed into Uva (our pet name) for … READ MORE

Uvaggio Wine Bar Coral Gables, “A place for wine!”

Ever been to a bar or restaurant and looked at a wine list that was 50 pages thick and read like a rolodex? A wine list that expected everyone who picked it up to be in awe of its grandeur or how cool and smart the person who wrote it must be? Yet to the … READ MORE