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Arroyo Grande Valley

Thursday, our last day of “civilization”. With a late appointment we all had the chance to sleep in and do any gift shopping we needed to catch up on. With an hour drive in front of us up to Arroyo Grande Valley and the infamous Talley Vineyards we got started, arriving just in time for … READ MORE

Jonata and Lieu Dit

Wednesday morning and a day with the young guns. Having spent time with many of the forefathers today we felt the need to roust about with the names you are soon to know. First to Jonata to meet with Drew Pickering, assistant winemaker extraordinaire for the small Jonata team, to look at a whole new … READ MORE

“Goosebumps are our business”

After starting the day by tasting 12 wines with Ethan, it appeared I was the only one using the spit bucket at which point I threatened the first person to pass out in the van gets covered in magic marker tattoos. Luckily enough another legendary hub for grinds was around the corner and we all … READ MORE

Qupe Vineyards

Tuesday morning was supposed to be all about free time. I had scheduled a few hours here and there through the week so no one got burned out. We were at a beautiful resort, spa, pool, golf and casino a stone’s throw away. Everyone would want alone time, some time to chill, get away from … READ MORE